Cadillac Showroom

Project Details

Cadillac is launching its bold New Showrooms across the region. This presents us with an interesting opportunity to creatively tie our new showroom launch to a brand experience.
We want to use our new showroom not just to sell our product, but to bring our brand story to life and highlight the emotional values of the Cadillac brand.




Abu Dhabi, UAE



Facility Description

Through the use of Digital Projections on the glass panels and 3D Mapping on the cars displayed inside the showroom, we will transform our facade into a first-of-a-kind interactive augmented showroom experience!
The New Cadillac Showroom itself becomes an Ambient Mega Hoarding after the showroom closes. To people driving by at night, our showroom facade will look as vibrant and alive as NYC at night. With a rather daring headline projected on top of the showroom that reads:

Project Scope

The showroom that never sleeps!

At a closer look, our new Cadillac Showroom facade becomes an interactive brand experience with an engaging and entertaining user journey.
You can say that we are taking “Window Shopping” to the next level!
Visitors to our Virtual Showroom will be guided through a linear user experience, as they walk across our showroom facade that will be spilt into 4 different segments.

In the first segment, The Night Visitor’s journey starts with an introduction film projection. Using existing content, we will create a vibrant edit that casts Cadillac in contrast with New York City. The film projection ends with a car shot that fades to the physical car on display inside the showroom facade.
In the Second Segment, the showroom glass facade is transformed into and interactive display screen that acts as an augments layer over an actual Escalade on display inside the showroom. At this part of the user journey, the visitor can navigate through the car specs, and customize the vehicle in real-time through augmented related.

In the third segment we will focus on data collection. Visitors will interact with a virtual saleswoman, as they are invited to book a test drive through an interactive film that collects the user’s information.
The fourth and final segment puts the SHOW in our Virtual Showroom! The end corner of our physical showroom will be transformed into a vibrant New York City street corners.

The visitor’s journey ends with an entertaining Broadway inspired light show on a Cadillac displayed in the showroom facade. This corner of the showroom will be the only part of the experience that actually is visible to visitors during the day. The car on display in this segment is set in the middle of a physically recreated NYC street corner.

Technologies We Used

    • Magic Wall
    • Interactive Projection
    • CMS Integration