Museum of the Slovincian National Park

Project Details

As part of cooperation with Słowiński National Park, we designed multimedia setting for the exhibition and developed all the content. For the purpose of the exhibition, we have also implemented an exhibition management system and an online booking system.


Slowinski National Park




Interactive, 3D display & VR

Facility Description

Museum of the Slovincian National Park is a cultural institution operating under the care of the Słowiński National Park. The institution is located in a historic settlement of Lighthouse keepers — in the rebuilt Lighthouse Keepers’ House in Czołpino. The permanent exhibition of the Museum presents the history of lighthouses, as well as the natural and cultural richness of the Slovincian Coast.

Project Scope

For the purposes of the Museum, we have created a full multimedia setting of the exhibition together with factual and visual content. We have developed a set of 12 applications for information kiosks, holographic displays and videos and 3D displays using Virtual Reality and Oculus technologies. All this was based on the content we prepared, i.e. descriptions, graphics, photos, videos and exercises testing the knowledge acquired in a given stand.

The multimedia kiosks applications interactively present key issues and bring visitors closer to themes in the area of:
• environmental protection and natural and cultural values in Słowiński National Park,
• fauna, flora and geomorphological conditions of the park,
• the history of navigation and the development of lighthouse technology over the centuries,
• history of the Lighthouse Keepers’ Settlement in Czołpino between the years 1871—1989.

The scope of the project included the following types of multimedia:
• Weather application — a system presenting weather conditions in Czołpino, as well as a live feed from a camera mounted on a lighthouse located at a distance of approximately 1 km from the Lighthouse Keepers’ Settlement.
• Touch table application — touch presentation on geomorphology of the Baltic Sea with animation showing the processes leading to the formation of the current Baltic reservoir.
• Holographic videos and displays — 3D displays, four holographic displays, films and animations depicting the topics presented in the Museum.
• Virtual Reality — a display showing panoramic views of Polish lighthouses — a stand equipped with telescopes with viewfinders.
• 3D display — simulation of seagulls flying over the sea coast – a stand with VR Oculus headset.

• A model for blind and visually impaired people — a desktop with buttons that allows you to listen to narratives with descriptions of issues presented at the exhibition.
• Interactive floor application — a game in which the user moves on the interactive floor and follows the trails of animals’ characteristic of Słowiński National Park.
We developed the content and multimedia in three languages: Polish, English and German. Additionally, we have provided a software to manage the exhibition as well as a booking system for 3D screenings.

Technologies We Used

    • Virtual Reality (Oculus)
    • AV installation management system
    • Unreal Engine UE4