Angola Electrical Network Kiosk

Project Details

On being approached to make a kiosk stand for Dar Al Handassah showcasing the Angola electrical network, Brix set to work on something novel and unique. We created an interactive and engaging concept.


Dar Al Handassah


Beirut, Lebanon



Facility Description

To showcase the Angola current electrical network (including all power plants, substations and transmission lines), in addition to the ultimate network in 2025, we made the project come to life in a highly visual digital kiosk. Controlled by a tablet, the interactive table integrates a digital 3d model with digital content.
Tablet - 85 inch screen - 55 inch screen are all synched together via a software/kiosk. We programmed a back-end source files to update new elements to the model.

Project Scope

We created 3d models of featured substations, power plants and transmission lines where user will have the ability to interact with each (PP, SS & TL) inspect how they are connected and check the specifications. During the experience the screen is fed with different and all types of elements through a custom made app kiosk, which enables users to search not only for element location and type, but also compare with the future network in 2025. It is connected remotely that allow us to keep it up to date and add content frequently.

The solution enables users to select featured elements (PP, SS and TL) where we modeled 3d models of these elements. Users can go through the models and check the specifications of the PP per ex, and even each section of the site where it will be highlighted, information will pop up. Showcasing such a complex network and transforming it to a simple, comprehensive, engaging and entertaining was a challenge that we delivered. Brix engagement scope of work was creating the concept, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), 3d modeling, animation, development/coding, booth design & execution.
We transformed a brief into a digital interactive product.

Technologies We Used

    • Application developed in a web technology (with the use of HTML/JS/CSS)
    • Content management system (CMS) prepared in PHP
    • Application responsible for versioning and synchronization of content developed