The Center of Culture & Education

Project Details

As part of the project “Jarosław — Magic City” for the Centre of Cultural Education, we have developed a set of interactive applications for multimedia information kiosks. Additionally, we have implemented system for comprehensive management of AV installation.


Town Hall


Jaroslaw, Poland


Interactive, AV management & VR

Facility Description

The Centre of Cultural Education in Jarosław is an institution aimed at cultural education of children and adults. The Centre’s goal is to shape a proper attitude towards cultural heritage, as well as to promote both creative and artistic activities in the region.

Project Scope

The exposition created for the purposes of the Centre of Cultural Education is located in two buildings: in the cellar of the Town Hall and in the basement of the Kraków Gate in Jarosław. Its aim is to enable visitors to explore different movements in painting, architecture and sculpture, and to support active perception of works of art.

As part of the project, we prepared a set of 13 applications for multimedia informative kiosks and provided a software exhibition management system, which allows remote control of the exhibition with our web application The scope of our work in developing these applications included full preparation of substantive and visual content, in particular:

• creating extensive descriptions and narrations,
• acquiring and implementing 3D photos and models,
• creating scenarios, developing games and exercises testing the knowledge acquired by users in a given stand.

All this has been incorporated into visually attractive applications that allow visitors to learn about the cultural heritage of Jarosław in the context of art history and Polish history. Applications are adapted for blind and visually impaired people (the content is read by the speaker). The content was prepared in Polish and English.

Technologies We Used

    • Unity 3D Applications
    • AV installation management system