Project Details

For SEAT Poland we carried out a comprehensive implementation of an Extranet system. The portal in question supports effective communication and information flow between the company, its external partners and numerous employees of the dealer network. It is characterized by high usability and functionality, supporting over 1,000 active users.


Volkswagen Group


Gdansk, Poland


Interactive Web application

Facility Description

SEAT Poland is an automotive company owned by Volkswagen Group Poland. The company brings together several dozen partners and several thousand employees of the dealer network. The SEAT brand has been on the market for more than 60 years, successfully delivering innovative and creative products.

Project Scope

The Extranet we implemented is a comprehensive information exchange platform for employees and external partners of SEAT Poland. While designing the portal, we firmly adhered to the principles of wide functionality and usability. Efficient and simplified communication worthy of the organization’s characteristic structure was a goal that we managed to achieve.

Our UX/UI designers developed appropriate functional designs (mock-ups), creating an intuitive, user-friendly and accessible environment. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of Toucan Systems’ UX specialists and graphic designers with customer representatives, it was possible to create a modern business application actively used by over 1,000 users.

The portal has a modular structure and ensures quick and convenient access to the required content. Key elements of the portal are the following:
• Authorization module – the system offers 5 access profiles, allowing for any configuration depending on the rights granted to the user.
• User profiles – the portal is at the same time the basic database for contact details of SEAT Poland employees and partners. Individual user data is presented in the form of business cards (divided into categories). Advanced filtering and reporting systems allow you to quickly create extensive lists of contacts.

• Statistics – Extranet operates on the basis of our own monitoring mechanism. The system records, among other things, the range of e-mail communication sent, the parameters of message opening (and hyperlinks), as well as a lot of other detail. On such a basis, dashboards and charts are created, which allows for the analysis of published content.

Technologies We Used

Web application compatible with common web browsers