Museum of Warsaw

Project Details

As part of our cooperation with the Museum of Warsaw, we prepared multimedia solutions for the exhibition located in the Heritage Interpretation Centre. We developed a comprehensive application with multimedia content. The entire project was prepared in two variant forms: for interactive kiosks and for a website. The solution delivered in an interactive and engaging way presents the history of the reconstruction of the Old Town in Warsaw after the Second World War.


Museum of Warsaw


Warsaw, Poland


Interactive & CMS

Facility Description

The Museum of Warsaw was established in 1936 and documents the history of the capital. The institution deals with science, publishing and exhibitions – its collections contain over 250 thousand items presented on several permanent exhibitions.
Today, the Museum of Warsaw consists of 11 tenement houses located on the Old Town Square in Warsaw (the headquarters) and 8 branches located in other parts of the city, one of which is the Heritage Interpretation Centre. The permanent exhibition presents the Old Town as a historic complex present on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Project Scope

For the needs of the Heritage Interpretation Centre, we prepared multimedia solutions for the exhibition, which is devoted to the reconstruction of the oldest area of the capital. The exhibition tells the story of Warsaw and its Old Town after World War II – it is a beautiful combination of traditional, static and dynamic elements with incorporating elements of multimedia.

The aim of the project was to create a coherent multimedia application and content (films and animations presenting the history of the Old Town in the period of its reconstruction) – for modern interactive kiosks and for a website. The choice of web technology for both variant forms was a natural direction for us. Thanks to this approach, we achieved the effect of consistency and offered vast opportunities for managing and monitoring the content of applications both at interactive stands and in the web version.

An integral part of the application is a dedicated Content Management System (CMS). The system enables Museum employees to remotely operate content of the application from the level of a web browser. We have prepared one CMS system which supports two variants of the application, thus making it possible to choose what is to be displayed separately on interactive kiosks and on the website.

Technologies We Used

    • Web application optimized for interactive kiosk and website (web version fully adapted to mobile environment)
    • Content Management System (CMS) for managing application content