Museum of the 2nd World War

Project Details

For the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, we implemented an original solution called providing comprehensive management of the AV installation – both the displayed content and of the operation of multimedia equipment. The implementation also included a full training for administrators – in all the ways of using the system.


Museum of WWII


Gdansk, Poland


Interactive & Holographic

Facility Description

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk is an entity of special importance to Polish people. The institution presents the story of the war, its history, genesis and consequences – of the tragic experiences of both Poland and of other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The main exhibition of the Museum stretches across approximately 5,000 m2 – it is one of the largest historical museum exhibitions in the world.

Project Scope

In cooperation with the Museum of the Second World War, we implemented a solution which enables highly-efficient management of the AV installation. For the needs of the institution, we prepared two separate systems – one to manage the network of interactive kiosks and the other to handle the main exhibition.

Museum staff can remotely manage all multimedia equipment in the facility. The system also allows them to update the content displayed on interactive units, as well as control the lighting on the premises of the building.

With the implementation of the solution, we conducted a comprehensive training for system administrators. Participants of the training were acquainted with the mechanism of operating the software and with its full servicing. Thanks to the intuitive character of the solution, administrators were able to work with the system independently from day one.

Technologies We Used

AV installation management system