Lamborghini Interactive Project

Project Details

BRIX worked on the Lamborghini car to deliver a complete overhaul of the online and VR product experience. Both costumers & fans of the Aventador can digitally configure, experience & visualize all aspects of the vehicle on any device.




Dubai, UAE


Interactive & VR

Facility Description

Capitalizing on Brix’ technology, Lamborghini’s configurator no longer relies on traditional image bank methods of configuration. The new production pipeline draws 2D images straight from a live 3D scene rendered in the solution. Each configuration change is made in real-time on a single 3D model before a series of photos are taken and served to customers online in seconds. Personalized content such as custom brochures can be created at the end of each customer session.

Project Scope

A fully optimized 2D/3D solution

This method of content production runs efficiencies throughout the visualization pipeline, removing the need for creating and storing images for every possible configuration upon the introduction of each new car model. Rendering takes place on AWS G2 instances, offering the graphical rendering capabilities required through an infrastructure that’s large enough to serve all territories.

Scale & Capability

To date, the new 2D configurator could serve approx. 1 million unique images per day and supports a range of resolutions including 720, 1080 and 4k. The ability to create such a vast amount of content within a short space of time emphasizes the efficiencies of automation within the production process. The range of resolutions allows the solution to adapt relative to infrastructure and serve the best possible experience per user. This brings the online experience in line with the brand itself, creating a premium, high performing touch-point early in the customer journey.

The unification of In-Store & Online

Using a 3D asset at the core of the solution means Lamborghini can utilize a complete real-time 3D web configurator at any point as part of the same solution. This allows the brand to scale up the customer experience on-demand, with a 3D integration expected in Lamborghini dealerships in the short-term.


Lamborghini's configurator is a complete solution, utilizing proprietary architecture to optimize both experience and accessibility whilst removing dependencies on service infrastructure and devices. The scale at which it's producing bespoke content is testament to the efficiencies it can provide to high-profile brands.
. Interior design
. Virtual Reality – HTC Vive
. Unreal Engine UE4
. Touch surface & computer
. Tablet & mobile devices